Medical wearable platform for vital signs monitoring
Mawi Vital Platform is designed for healthcare professionals to provide solutions that utilize medical-grade wearable sensors to capture and analyze human vital signs.
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The platform is already integrated with:
A medical-grade Mawi Vital device for EKG, Blood pressure, Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen Saturation, Body Temperature measurement

Smart Infrared Bluetooth Thermometer for body temperature measurement

Mawi band device which can detect arrhythmias (including hard-diagnosed atrial fibrillation) track heart rate, and analyze HRV metrics.
Mobile Healthboard
Our Companion App allows a person to monitor all important vital signs from home just spending 1 minute per day.
Our scoring system combines data from medical questionnaires and biometric data collected by devices.
AI powered scoring system
We providing Mawi Vital Platform as corporate health solutions. Based on every morning screening our system allows each employee to receive an everyday badge, which gives a person permission to visit the office or recommend staying home and work remotely.

For corporates
Web dashboard with patients prioritization
All patients automatically divided into red and green flags patients based on the results of everyday screenings.

All user`s biometric data collected by Mawi Vital App can be synchronized with Web-dashboard for Medical Assistance, Chief Health Officer or Insurance company.

Our Platform can help prevent disease, manage complex chronic populations, and minimize unnecessary readmissions and doctor visits.
Additional platform features
The platform is easy to integrate with 3rd party devices and services
Scalable and easy to deploy on clients infrastructure
HIPAA and GDPR compliant
We use top-notch security approaches to collect, transfer and store data in our cloud
Easy to customize for each corporate health provider
Solution trusted by Fortune 500 companies
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